A never ending battle for Amanda Knox


It’s seems as if the nightmare just doesn’t end for Amanda Knox.

On Thursday, an Italian court sentenced US student Amanda Knox to 28 years and six months in prison, and former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito to 25 years. This is a new verdict in the retrial for the murder and sexual assault of British student Meredith Kercher.

Knox was originally freed in a 2011 appeal for the murder of her former roommate during a study abroad trip. But with the decision of the new trial, she told ABC’s “Good Morning America” she “won’t go back willingly.”

But what is the media’s response to this international crime story across the globe?

The Italian news source The Local gave in depth coverage of the entire trial. There were updates by the hour of what was going on in the courtroom, live twitter updates about the case, photos of the courtroom, and background dates with information about the crime itself.

The New York Magazine calls the Italian justice system “totally insane” and continues to mention that if the “conviction were upheld this time, an extradition fight would include the U.S. State Department.”

But the UK’s The Week doesn’t seem to agree with the rest of the “media taking Amanda Knox’s side.” She comments about how Knox watches the trial from “her mother’s comfortable home” and how the “whole thing is chronicled as some twisted reality show.”

I can’t say I agree with the “The Week,” but no matter if the attention is positive or negative, it’s definitely on Amanda Knox and her next move.