Lessons Learned as a PR Intern

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This summer taught me many things. This was my first taste of the real world, in a one-bedroom apartment in an unfamiliar city, doing a 9-to-5 at a PR agency. I felt like I was playing grown-up, but the best part was that I actually liked it.

Photo courtesy of the Miami New Times

Photo courtesy of the Miami New Times

What I learned about living in Miami:
I’ve developed patience for dealing with Miami traffic, because while you might hate how everyone drives like an animal, you start doing the same just to survive. I’ve learned that cooking does not come naturally, although groceries stores now sell vegetables that you can steam in the microwave! And I even got to use some of that Spanish I learned in high school (though by no means am I bilingual.)

Photo courtesy of The Guardian

Photo courtesy of The Guardian

What I learned about the workplace:
Being an undergrad in college, most of my prior work experience never involved the classic office environment. I’ve discovered that having two computer screens on your desk are completely necessary, and it’s a wonderful way to work efficiently. I’ve learned that simply being friendly can go a long way, whether its getting comfortable with your surroundings, questions for superiors or just making friends. And I’ve finally understood what the big deal is about coffee (besides the fact that it warms you up in seemingly freezing office.)

Photo courtesy of Max Borges Agency

Photo courtesy of Max Borges Agency

What I learned about Public Relations:
Wow, where to begin? I learned how to write press releases and media pitches, create media kits, draft brand research documents, research and craft media lists, and so much more. I definitely became proficient in excel (because that’s a requirement for every job description ever), word, power point, and various PR software websites like Cision, Compete and Quickbase. And most importantly, I found what it means to work at a PR agency. I grasped the day-to-day processes like securing hits and making reports, handled numerous projects for multiple clients with deadlines, and saw the dedication and valued interest that goes into being a successful PR specialist.

So to sum it all up, I think it’s safe to say that my summer internship was a success. When I decided I wanted to dedicate my last summer of undergrad to gaining real-life experience in my chosen field, my desired goals were to have a fun summer, learn as much as possible about PR, and create long-lasting connections with the people I worked with. I’m happy to report I achieved that and more!

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