My Go-To Guides for Public Relations

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There’s no easier way to gain knowledge on any desired topic than through the beloved Internet. So as a college student looking to gain insight (and then give insight) on the Public Relations world, I try to keep up with some blogs and websites that specialize in all things communications. After all, what kind of aspiring PR professional would I be if I didn’t follow some top-notch PR blogs?

Here’s a quick list of my favorite blogs to follow:

nyc PR girls: This blog is written by two girls documenting their experiences with PR in New York City. I love that this blog has a “guide” section, with links to articles for the basics, one’s for girls still in school, a section for new graduates, and even for those wanting to switch careers. It’s a one-stop shop for all things PR.

The Bad Pitch blog: Honestly, the initial reason I starting reading this blog was the funny title. I kept coming back because they have articles covering every tiny detail of PR, from the importance of word choice to hacks for editing images. And I’ve even used one of their articles on pitching to help with my own pitching article!

Mashable: Mashable is one of those websites that’s just impossible to ignore. From entertainment to business, from technology to world news, Mashable has it all. The “social media” tab is my favorite, because in today’s PR culture, social media knowledge is invaluable.

PR Daily: Ragan’s PR Daily is the classic go-to site for PR enthusiasts. They have tabs for social media, media relations, crisis, marketing, writing and editing, and more. It doesn’t matter who you are or what type of PR you specialize in, you can’t go wrong with this website.

So if you desperately need something to read while I’m not posting new content, or just want to gain some smarts on everything public relations, check these sites out!

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