5 Fabulous PR Campaigns

If you’ve read any of my recent articles, you know I have a thing about “Top 5’s”. So I decided to keep the trend going with five of my favorite PR campaigns. These top five campaigns made the cut because whenever I need to get some creative juices flowing, I look back at these campaigns and try to bounce off their ideas.

Photo Courtesy of the Huffington Post

Photo courtesy of the Huffington Post

1. Dove Real Beauty: Dove took being a soap company to the next level with their extremely popular “real beauty” campaign. Almost every person has seen one of their commercials with real women showing off their bodies, or having strangers sketch portraits of everyday women. Dove took a popular topic and made it even more popular, with countless celebrities and magazines now denouncing Photoshop and dieting.

2. World’s Toughest Job: Making a video go viral is a quick, easy and effective way of achieving press in today’s Internet culture, and American Greetings cards did just that. They created a fake job and interviewed strangers for what’s viewed as the toughest job in the world. The job? Being a mother. It’s quite an unusual way to get people to go out and by Mother’s Day cards, but it’s safe to say it worked.

3. Torches of Freedom (Lucky Strike): Okay, so this one is possibly the first PR campaign created. In 1928, Edward Bernays’ job was to get more women to buy cigarettes for his client- the American Tobacco Company. So during an Easter Parade in New York City, he had debutantes walk through proudly holding cigarettes and publically advertised it. Creating social change and sales- check!

4. Red Bull 23-mile skydive: Red Bull is known for sponsoring somewhat reckless and extreme events, but having someone skydive from space on live television tops all other stunts. When people find out about someone freefalling faster than the speed of sound, they take notice (I remember watching it at my job!) Although this doesn’t actually promoting buying the energy drink, it gets their name way, way out there.

Photo courtesy of Twitter

Photo courtesy of Twitter

5. Share a Coke: Coke’s latest campaign involves selling bottles with the logo replaced by popular names of Millennials. It’s simple, and honestly I didn’t really think it would catch on. Then I saw my Instagram feed of people drinking out of their personal Cokes, or jokes on Twitter of people with unique names not being able to find theirs. Paired with the hashtag #shareacoke, it’s a great use of social media.

There you have it! I think these five campaigns are each so unique and different that they round out the various angles to take when trying to come up with something new and fresh. If you combine a few factors from each (famous actor doing the 23 mile jump, maybe?) you may just strike gold.


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