Five of the Coolest New Gadgets

One of the many perks of my summer internship at Max Borges is that I get to check out some of the latest technologies and learn about all sorts of awesome gadgets. After looking through the extensive “client snapshot” list, I couldn’t help but notice some really unique products that can change someone’s day-to-day life. Here are five of my favorite consumer electronics to watch out for.


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1. Winegard FlatWave HDTV antennas: I know what you’re thinking; antennas are so 1980s. But the Winegard FlatWave antennas are not your grandma’s TV accessories. This slick, slim and notebook-sized antenna is perfect for those that are following the new “cutting cord” trend and getting rid of cable for Netflix or Hulu. With these, you can enjoy all of the basic channels at the highest definition without paying for cable. This antenna + Netflix = the new way to watch television!

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2. ARCHOS Smart Home system: The ARCHOS Smart Home redefines what it means to have home security. This bad boy includes two mini-cams, two movement detectors, two weather tags to measure temperature, and a tablet to manage it all on. It also connects to its user’s smartphone through its App, so you can stay connected to your home wherever you go.

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3. Misfit Wearables physical activity monitor: The “Shine” from Misfit Wearables is a physical activity tracker that doesn’t sacrifice style for fitness. This little machine looks like a watch when paired with the leather strap, but you can also attach it to a necklace for a softer look. When synced with the smartphone app, it monitors when you walk, run, cycle, swim and even sleep. But my favorite part is that it comes in the best colors like “champagne” and “sea glass.”

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4. Lifelogger Wearable Camera: Imagine being able to capture the best moments of your life all on camera, without even thinking about pulling out your phone or go-pro! The Lifelogger wearable camera is still on Kickstarter looking for funds, but if (and when) this camera is on the market, it’ll revolutionize the way we document our favorite moments. Soon everyone will be live streaming their weddings, surprise birthday parties and late night adventures.

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5. 420 Audio wireless speaker: Okay so this one is more of a goofy item that you can’t help but notice. 420 Audio’s small, wireless speaker has unique operating sounds that make your typical music experience a little more “high” tech. For example- the connecting beep you usually hear is replaced with giggles and coughs, the power up sound is a voice saying, “bong rip” and the power down voice says, “I’m hungry.” Let’s face it; we all have a friend that this would be the perfect gift for.

So even though it’s the middle of summer, there’s no harm in picking out a few favorites for your upcoming holiday wish list!


Tips to a new PR intern, from a PR intern


Starting an internship can be quite overwhelming. It takes hours, days and weeks to craft the perfect resume and cover letter for countless companies, interview with intimidating PR professionals, and finalize summer plans. But after you’ve sealed the deal and have your perfect first day outfit ready to go, you may be left wondering “now what?”

Not to worry! I’ve created five simple guidelines that can be useful for any type of public relations internship (and many other types as well.)

1. Don’t be shy. Being the new kid in the office can be frightening, especially if you aren’t one that opens up easily in new environments. But a great way to get yourself acquainted with your surroundings is to introduce yourself to as many employees as you can. Making connections with your supervisors is extremely beneficial when it comes to networking, and the more mentors you have looking out for your success, the more successful you’ll be!

2. Be creative. The PR world often requires creative campaigns and strategies to keep clients’ news from becoming stale. As an intern, you are a fresh set of eyes that can be useful for the company in a number of ways. From press releases to monthly goals, dig through your brain for a new way to express something for your client, and offer additional outlooks for difficult projects. You can also check out plenty of articles on campaign tactics for inspiration.

3. Google, then ask. When you get assigned tasks that you’ve never had experience doing in the classroom, you may have a million questions and not know where to begin. Luckily, Google exists! Write down a list of general questions you might have, and then use Google to see what answers you can find. Some companies also have folders on each computer with previous similar projects, or a handbook with guidelines on how to complete the project. If you still have questions after researching, don’t be afraid to go to your boss. Chances are he or she expected you to ask anyway.

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4. Everything matters. Although you may prefer some assignments to others, you should complete each project with detail, love and complete attention. Doing media research and compiling client lists are just as necessary as sending out media pitches and press releases, and if you care about it like it’s a real job- it may just become one!

5. Learn something. Internships are the perfect opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a professional public relations environment. Each day offers something new to learn and extra skills to gain for post-graduation. If nothing else, jot down all of the work you did throughout your time as an intern, and use that as a talking point for future interviews with desired employers.

Each internship may be different, and every company has a unique way of running things, but stick to these general tips and there’s no way you can go wrong!