Winter Storm causes misery for many


It’s been quite a winter season for the east coast of the United States!

Winter storms have been hitting the country and causing a number of problems. Nicknamed “the polar vortex,” these storms have caused major traffic accidents, cancelled and delaying countless flights, and left thousands of homes without power.

According to Al-Jazeera, one of the storms that reached from the south to northeast was responsible for about 20 deaths. They also mentioned that over “75,000 domestic flights have been cancelled since December 1st.”

But now it seems as if this huge storm that has been affecting a large portion of the country has moved up north to Canada. BBC reported that a number of highways in Quebec have been shut down due to the snowfall, and that the worst of was expected to hit yesterday and today.

CNN focused on the people who spent most of their time in the airports waiting for their delayed flights. But they also mentioned at the end of the article “the U.S. had no lock on challenging weather.” They mentioned the heavy snow that is currently hitting Tokyo and the massive floods in the U.K. and England.

All of the separate news sites made note of the number of deaths the storm has caused, although all three had a different number (anywhere from 20-30 casualties.) Needless to say, the winter season has taken quite a toll on many states in the U.S. and it seems as if everyone is ready for the drastic weather to melt away in the sunshine.

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