Sochi Struggles before Games begin


The upcoming Olympic games usually bring exciting talk from all over the world about athletes and predictions. But this year’s winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia have been making headlines for other reasons.

There’s turmoil going on in Sochi at the moment. With various suicide bombings in nearby areas and threats of more at the site of the games during the Olympics, people are concerned about the safety of the athletes and the patrons.

There have been countless news stories alerting people of the dangers. It has even been reported that German, Hungarian, Italian, and Slovenian Olympic committees have all received emails threatening attacks at the games. But there are still many people reassuring the public that there is nothing to be worried about this year.

Mitt Romney said on NBC’s Today show he would feel comfortable sending his family to Sochi. He goes on to mention that the “level of security at the games is at an unprecedented level.”

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev takes the same stance as Romney on the security issue. He argues that there is always talk of threats at major public events like the Olympics. He adds, “The threats during the Sochi Games are no greater than at any Olympics in other places.”

But I personally can’t say I agree. I’ve read too many articles about suicide bombings and other threats going on in Sochi and surrounding areas to not be on the edge of my seat during the games (and for the wrong reasons.)

Nonetheless, I appreciate the confidence of people from both the U.S. and Russia alike, and hope they will be right.


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